Tennessee's Civil War GIS app is up and running...

Via e-mail from Assistant State Archivist, Dr. Wayne Moore, here's an exciting new online resource offered by the Tennessee State Library and Archives...

The first of its kind -- a statewide, web-based, interactive application using GIS technology to display and manipulate different data about Civil War sites in Tennessee -- is now available at http://tnmap.tn.gov/civilwar_test/. It shows hundreds of places where Civil War battles and engagements occurred, which you can view with aerial photography, street maps, land use and property parcel maps (use the vertical arrow cursor at left to zoom in and out). You can find complete histories of all the units that served in the war from TN, searchable by county. We have linked many images and documents from the TSLA collections to sites, and overlaid old Civil War maps onto the current landscape.

Play with it, click the buttons and tabs, and show it to your kids. They might like it!

UPDATE 6/16/2011: In a press release on Wednesday the Tennessee Department of State formally announced this project to the public.


Gordon Belt is an information professional, archives advocate, public historian, and author of The History Press book, John Sevier: Tennessee's First Hero, which examines the life of Tennessee's first governor, John Sevier, through the lens of history and memory. On The Posterity Project, Gordon offers reflections on archives, public history, and memory from his home state of Tennessee.

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lisarickey said...

That is awesome! I just checked out the area around Stones River. I think several Ohio regiments must have participated in that battle, because I feel like I see it "everywhere" lately in our archives.

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