Exploring the Archives of Appalachia...

In an article published by the East Tennessean, archivist Ned Irwin explains the history of the Archives of Appalachia and how they found a home in the ETSU library. I had an opportunity to visit the Archives of Appalachia some years ago during a Society of Tennessee Archivists annual meeting in Johnson City. It's quite an impressive facility with an equally impressive collection. Here's an excerpt from the article...

The Archives of Appalachia, located on the fourth floor of the Sherrod Library, houses ETSU's collection of memorabilia about the history of Southern Appalachia - and ETSU - consisting of over 700 manuscripts and 2.5 million photographs.

"There are actually two collections," said Ned Irwin, archivist. "There is one collection for the history of Southern Appalachia and there is one for the history of the university."

The archives were organized in 1978 by then President of ETSU Arthur DeRosier. "He wanted this to become a regional university and wanted to broaden the focus as part of that," Irwin said. "He wanted an institute that would preserve and study the history of the area."

Also worth noting... Ned Irwin was recently hired to become the first archivist for Washington County, Tennessee. An excellent decision by the Washington County Public Records Commission in my estimation.

Click here to read more about the Archives of Appalachia from the East Tennessean.

[Image credit: Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University]
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