Today, I'm very pleased to share this news... My wife, Traci, and I recently co-authored an article for The New York Times "Disunion" Civil War blog, and today that article was published online!

Our article focuses on two key figures mentioned in our book, Onward Southern Soldiers: Religion and the Army of Tennessee in the Civil War -- The Rev. R. F. Bunting, and Private E. H. Ross, both serving in the Eighth Texas Cavalry of the Army of Tennessee, C.S.A. Using their individual stories as a backdrop, we explore how faith influenced those who fought for the Army of Tennessee during the Civil War, and how religion helped forge a national identity for the Confederacy.

In the byline, the editors of "Disunion" also revealed some good news about my career that I plan to address in the coming days, but in the meantime I hope readers of The Posterity Project will take a moment and click on the link below to read our article. Thanks to The New York Times for allowing us to have the opportunity to share this story from Onward Southern Soldiers with a wider audience...

Read "Onward Southern Soldiers" on The New York Times "Disunion" Civil War blog.

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