“A new look at an old Tennessee hero”

Greeting folks at the Barnes & Noble in Johnson City.
Author photo.
Last month, during my visit to Johnson City in support of our book tour for John Sevier: Tennessee’s First Hero, I had the fortuitous opportunity to chat with John Thompson, Elizabethton Bureau Chief of The Johnson City Press. With my book in his hand, Mr. Thompson greeted me with a handshake and asked if I would mind chatting a bit about my book for a review he planned to write for his paper. I happily agreed, and a few short weeks later, The Johnson City Press has published Thompson’s review in its Monday edition:


Thompson delivered a fair and thorough review of my book, calling it “a valuable contribution” to the historiography of Sevier’s story. For interested readers, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of The Johnson City Press and read John Thompson’s review of John Sevier: Tennessee’s First Hero. I enjoyed reading it, and I know you will too.

Gordon Belt is an information professional, archives advocate, public historian, and author of The History Press book, John Sevier: Tennessee's First Hero, which examines the life of Tennessee's first governor, John Sevier, through the lens of history and memory. On The Posterity Project, Gordon offers reflections on archives, public history, and memory from his home state of Tennessee.