John Sevier: Tennessee's First Hero has arrived!

The long wait is finally over! Our publisher, The History Press, just delivered our author copies of John Sevier: Tennessee's First Hero. I can't tell you how excited I am to finally hold a copy of the book in my hand for the first time! Traci and I are both very happy with how it turned out, and we're looking forward to sharing this story with our readers.

For those who pre-ordered author-signed copies of the book from The Posterity Project, they are now on their way to you. We want to thank you for making a purchase and want to remind everyone that it is not too late to take advantage of our special pre-publication offer. Click HERE for details.

John Sevier: Tennessee's First Hero is also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers, as well as your local independent bookstores. Visit the "Books" section of our blog for more information.

As a reminder, we are also lining up several book signing events in this calendar year, so be sure to visit the "Speaking Events" page for details. The first book signing weekend is coming up on April 12-13 in Johnson City and Knoxville. We hope to see you there!

Gordon Belt is an information professional, archives advocate, public historian, and author of The History Press book, John Sevier: Tennessee's First Hero, which examines the life of Tennessee's first governor, John Sevier, through the lens of history and memory. On The Posterity Project, Gordon offers reflections on archives, public history, and memory from his home state of Tennessee.