A new film on the Lost State of Franklin...

During some online research on one of my favorite historical subjects, I stumbled upon this interesting website...

Nolichucky Pictures (Nolpix) was formed in 2006 to create compelling documentaries and other visual content for modern media outlets. Our mission is to provide effective media products to enhance cultural understanding of our Appalachian region, our country, and our world. Nolpix brings together award-winning content providers to engage our audiences with stunning imagery and memorable stories. We also provide dynamic communications products for corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies.

In Spring 2011, Nolpix plans to release a new documentary entitled, "The Mysterious Lost State of Franklin," airing on East Tennessee PBS stations. Here's a preview:

Promo-The Mysterious Lost State of Franklin from Buck Kahler on Vimeo.

Hopefully, they will post the entire episode online, available to all Tennesseans, and anyone interested in this fascinating episode in our nation's history. After all, East Tennessee shouldn't have all the fun!

UPDATE 3/12/2011 - The film's premiere is Friday, May 6 [First Friday], at the East Tennessee Historical Society. The film will be shown at 5:15, 6:15 and 7:15 (Eastern Time).